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Left, my Hot Rod Steel single cone resonator guitar; Right, white metal chair.

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Happy to announce that I’ll be playing at Buzz Mill Monday, March 4, 7-9 PM. It’s Murder Ballad Monday, and we’re planning on making a regular thing of it.

What are murder ballads? Well, you can check wikipedia if you want. There’s a pretty good book on the topic, co-edited by Greil Marcus, The Rose & the Briar: Death, Love & Liberty in the American Ballad. You can sort through the reviews and comments on the book on this Goodreads entry. One more recommendation: People Take Warning: Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs, a great box set of old music about, guess what, murder, disaster, floods, etc. A lot of the songs are about the Titanic, several more are about train wrecks. Some good discussion can be found here.

I’ve added a couple of my favorite murder ballads here: Stones in the Coffin and St. James Infirmary Blues. I’ll try to add more later in the week.

Saint James Infirmary Blues

I like crime fiction, noir and blues. Once you’ve been exposed to a bit of this stuff, you’ll get it. I’ve posted a number of my demos here in the last couple of years, and I’ll try to post more between in the next few days.

Buzz Mill, brought to you by the guys behind Emo’s and Antone’s, is a great new addition to our East Travis Heights / East Riverside neighborhood. It’s just a few blocks east of I-35, down Riverside on Town Creek Drive. It’s a 24-hour espresso bar with a full service bar, a beer garden and a barbecue trailer in the beer garden. Check it out. It’s become one of my satellite offices.

Monday I’ll be rolling out my new Reso guitar, upright bass and Gibson J-50, and my latest collection of dark blues and murder ballads. I haven’t played out much in the last few months, so I hope some of you can make it. It’s free and it’s early.

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