Friday Favorites

OK so it’s Friday, so here are some of my favorite things.

JON DEE GRAHAM’S BIRTHDAY PARTY, which was last night, at Maria’s Tacos. Jon Dee played for us, working on his birthday, as he tends to do, and so we were all reminded what a gift he is. Mike Hardwick accompanied him, although the size of Mike’s contributions kind of make the word “accompanied” seem inadequate. Suffice to say, if you’re a fan of Jon Dee Graham, and you go way back to the origins of his groove as a solo performer / bandleader, then you’re aware that a good deal of Jon Dee’s material from his first two albums was developed this way, just the two of them, together, melding their harmonic and melodic grooves. It was grand to hear the early material like this again.

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Jon Dee Graham’s birthday party at Maria’s had many cool guests in attendance

Not surprisingly, Maria did a superb job decorating. It was post card perfect. Lots of cool friends were there and a grand time was had by all, I’m sure.

I’ve probably said this before, in this space, but Jon Dee and I met when he was 19 years old, a Plan 2 student at UT with a brilliant career ahead of him, but that was all ruined when he auditioned for The Skunks, to replace the departing Eddie Munoz (who went off to be Elvis Costello‘s guitar tech, then guitarist with the Plimsouls), and Jon Dee got the job, as you may know. Then he went on to other things. UT’s loss was the art world’s gain.


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I am playing solo 7:30-9 PM Monday March 4. I love this new joint. It’s just off I35 down Riverside on 1505 Town Creek. Sure, you know where Walgreen’s is, right? It’s just West of that, on the North side of Riverside. Before Emo’s or Antone’s or whatever it’s called now. See my blog about the gig here, or just come out. It’s free, for all you cheapskates, and it’s early, for all you elderly 9 to 5 types, and there are drink specials, for all of you lounge lizards. The Facebook event link is here.

SPEAKING OF THE SKUNKS, we will be playing at the super fab MARGARET MOSER BIRTHDAY EVENT, which is being organized by Jon Dee’s son, William Harries Graham. Confirmed performers include The Skunks, Kathy Valentine, Mystic Knights of the Sea, with many other super special guests yet to be announced, so an eye on Facebook or whatever social media pipeline suits you, for more details. Margaret Moser‘s precise birth date happens to be May 14, and mine is May 15, the same year, and Eddie Munoz and Lesley Woods are May 16; and there are many other notable Taureans are around, as you may know.

AND THEN THERE’S SXSW. Nettie Reynolds and I are hosting an EBOOK MEETUP Tuesday March 12, 12:30 PM, details here . It’s sponsored by BLURB. It will be a cool opportunity for all of you who are working with, trying to figure out, or simply curious about going digital with your writing life. It’s been a very, very interesting year for me in the world of EPublishing, and I’m not saying it’s been all wonderful and that I am now an eTycoon or an eNicholas Sparks, or whatever, but I’ve learned a lot and been incredibly inspired. As you can see.

Grave Digger Blues, crime ebook, Jesse Sublett, Dick Cheney in drag

Secret backstage scenes after the Republican coup, as chronicled in Grave Digger Blues.

If you have not yet downloaded my latest noir novella, GRAVE DIGGER BLUES, I hope you will give it a shot very soon. You can buy the Kindle version here, or the Blues Deluxe iPad Edition here. And if you’re really cheap, the Smashwords Bare Bones Edition, text only, is here, for $.99.

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GRAVE DIGGER BLUES may in fact be too weird for you. Maybe you’d rather listen to Celine Dion and wear elephant plaid to your high school reunion.



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