Playing Footsy While Rome Burns

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If John McCain had a colostomy, Lindsey Graham would carry the bag.

(Credit: AP Photo/CBS News, Chris Usher)(defaced by Jesse Sublett)

So, today, a little political update. I like Salon a lot, but sometimes I think their graphics are a little weak, thus, this morning’s slightly altered graphic. You can read the post here.
The Senate Intelligence Committee will vote Tuesday on John Brennan’s nomination

You can read the post here.

TUESDAY, MAR 5, 2013 07:27 AM CST
WASHINGTON (AP) — John Brennan’s nomination to be director of the CIA is set for a key test before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The committee is scheduled to vote Tuesday on Brennan, who is currently serving as President Barack Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser in the White House.

Brennan’s nomination to lead the spy agency has been held up by demands from Democrats and Republicans for more details about the classified Justice Department legal opinions that justify the use of unmanned spy planes to terrorist suspects overseas, including American citizens, and about the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya.

Obama nominated Brennan to be CIA director in early January. If the intelligence committee, which is controlled by the Democrats, approves the nomination, it would then move to the full Senate for consideration.

By the way, back to the usual pop and pulp culture topics, I want to thank everyone for coming out Monday night to my Murder Ballad Show at The Buzz Mill. We had a great gig!

And about that print edition, softcover, illustrated, 200 pages of hardboiled detective story in a surrealistic stew, GRAVE DIGGER BLUES, I just want to say that our micro publishing experiment is progressing nicely, and I should have a small stock of printed copies soon, and will convey info on orders, preorders, book signing gigs, etc., very soon. All this has been possible through the urging of some fine people at, who encouraged me to give their alternative publishing model a try. I’ll talk more about that, and introduce my new friends at our SXSW Meetup Tuesday Mar. 12 (the fabulous Nettie Reynolds will be there too). Details here. Proof is in the pulp fiction pudding, below.

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Right, proof copy of Grave Digger Blues; Left, the author

Grave Digger Blues, apocalyptic pulp fiction, detective fiction, hardboiled, noir, Jesse Sublett


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