Your pretty face is going to hell

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Mata Hari, by Boyer, flesh tone tinted, one of my favorites

I still don’t feel like blogging, not text content, anyway. I’d post a political blog here but the right wing political goons have gone so far off the deep end, criticizing or even simply ridiculing Blowhards from the Stone Age is about as challenging as gawking at a horrific car wreck. Or laughing at a dying cockroach. Etc.

So I hope I’m not wasting your time by simply posting some of the favorite images I’ve discovered — or created — lately.

Here’s a few I like a lot from collections of “Victorian Photoshop” images, which one might also refer to as “trick photography.” These pictures really make me smile.

Victorian photoshop, man juggling his own head, ca 1888

Early photoshop experiments, 11 man formation on rooftop ca 1930

Here’s my most recent artwork, “Moon Goddess.” I like her a lot. The print is 16×24, on metallic paper. Soon to be imprisoned in a gilt frame, she will sell (framed & signed & numbered number 1) for about $420.

Jesse Sublett, blues singer, surrealist, crime novelist

And another recent favorite, with a long title: “Her Parents Were Hippies & They Named Her Ampersand & She Loved All Creatures But Slimy & Scaly Ones Not So Much.” She’s about 16 x 20, acrylic on canvas, framed in a nice gilt frame, $400.

Her parents were hippies and so they named her ampersand but anyway she loves all animals but slimy scaly ones not so much SM

Then there’s “Katrina Has Seen It All,” about 16 x 20, acrylic on Bristol Board, about $250 unframed. This angle makes her butt look bigger than it is, and she’d kill me if she knew I told you this.

Jesse Sublett, blues singer, crime novelist, surrealist

Finally, a big-big-big THANK YOU to all of you who came out to my LAST murder ballad show at The Buzz Mill on Monday night. I really appreciate it a lot. I hope you all enjoyed our Grave Digger Radio Theater performance of Chapter 3 of Grave Digger Blues, “You Can Run But You’ll Just Die Tired,” and special thank you to the terrific actor /readers who made it come to life, the ever lovely and talented Mona Pitts, the unbeatable David C. Fox, and the indestructible Jon Dee Graham. And if you were there, you’ll know what I mean when I say, “This bear dies hard.” Because he did. What a performance. Thanks everybody, and when we find a new venue (I love the Buzz Mill but I can’t play this show in July and August there because it’s outside) for the summer, I hope you will come back for my solo acoustic blues & murder ballad show, with more excerpts from Grave Digger Blues, done radio theater style.

Read about GRAVE DIGGER BLUES, the novel, here.

PS, David Fox took some cool photos of the gig, and posted them on Flicker.


Grave Digger Blues, Jesse Sublett,

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