Grave Digger Blues, Jesse Sublett, Surrealistic Detective story

The author proofs his work.

Like I said already, somewhere, Sunday might be Fathers’ Day but this time here in Austin it’s Noir at the Bar, Daddy-o, so if you are cool, you will be there.

Next Austin edition of NOIR AT THE BAR is Sunday, June 16, 7 – 9 PM at Opal Divine Penn Field (3601 South Congress Ave). Scott Phillips, Jedidiah Ayres and me, My Terrible Self, a k a Jesse Sublett,are the featured authors. We will read from our books and I will play a few blues and murder ballads. I don’t know Jedidiah but I’ve known Scott Phillips since Jesus was in short pants and he’s a great damned writer. Hosted by BookPeople, see all the details here. Scott is one of the pioneers of Noir at the Bar, so we need to show the guy that Austin gets noir — and more important, that you appreciate it enough to buy books from the guys and gals who are good at it. In this case, I mean real good. Know what I mean? OK. See you there, pals.

BTW Jedidiah Ayres is the author of Fierce Bitches. Scott is the author of The Ice Harvest, The Rake, and many other great titles. Scott Montgomery, the ace bookseller at BookPeople, is working on a novel and will, I am told, give us a sample of his work-in-progress. More info on my own novels here and here. Ah, yes, one more book related item. There’s a pretty cool story on me in the June issue of Real South magazine. Below is a PDF of the story, not the whole magazine.


jesse sublett, crime novelist, blues singer, surrealist


PS, you may have heard, but my band, THE SKUNKS, will be playing at a special show with a truckload of young U18 bands at the Continental Club June 29. The show is called Music for Youngbloods. I’m still getting information on it, as it is a benefit for a school in way-south Texas, but it’s a good cause, and THE SKUNKS will be rocking hard.The benefit is being organized by William Harries Graham, son of Jon Dee Graham, so you know it’s got to be good.

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