The legendary, mighty, notorious SKUNKS join a whole slew of bright fresh young sparkly rock bands at the Continental Club Saturday night for a very good cause, that is, to bring the hope of a music program to a struggling South Texas school district. The town is called San Perlita, and it’s way down South. MapQuest will show you. Read the article by young William Harries Graham, who will be playing, and so will his dad, the indestructible Jon Dee Graham (just back from a successful tour of Japan), plus another not-youngblood but bright musician, Nakia. The Skunks play at midnight, like 12:01 A.M., or something like tha. Read the Chronicle story, the band billing is below, Facebook event here, and the original poster, if you want to see it, is here. Tickets are $17 advance, $20 at the door, and it starts EARLY, because it’s an all-ages show. Doors open at 7:00 PM, show starts at 7:15.

The Skunks, Austin, Texas


And don’t forget, Grave Digger Blues, my surrealist detective novel featuring Hank Zzybnx, the last detective, is available at BookPeople, South Congress Books, and Yard Dog. Normally I sell copies at my gigs, but I sold out at my last gig and won’t have more until next week.


surrealistic detective novel, noir, Jesse Sublett, Denis Johnson, James Ellroy

Grave Digger Blues is a surrealistic detective novel

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