The Skunks (1978) return for SXSW 2014

The Skunks after the first gig at Raul's 1978, Jesse Sublett, Bill Blackmon, Eddie Munoz, photo by Cheryl Smith. Austin history, The Skunks put Austin on the rock n roll map

The Skunks after the first gig at Raul’s 1978, Jesse Sublett, Bill Blackmon, Eddie Munoz, photo by Cheryl Smith

March 13, at their only SXSW 2014 showcase, THE SKUNKS (1978) are back. Original members Jesse Sublett, Eddie Munoz and Bill Blackmon will recreate the moment Austin, Texas was jolted out of its cosmic cowboy coma in February 1978, when the earthquake-shaking Skunks electrified a little Tejano bar on the Drag called Raul’s, just a month after the Sex Pistols show in San Antonio. With instant classics like “Earthquake Shake” and “Cheap Girl” and “Something About You Scares Me,” the Skunks set the stage for its Live Music Capital of the World rebirth. After 12 whirlwind months, Eddie left for the Plimsouls and was replaced by 19-year-old Jon Dee Graham, who continues to play with the Skunks as well as his many other roles. Spread the word! #TheSkunks1978 Facebook event page here. More bio on The Skunks here.

Check out the mp3s from “The Black LP” from The Skunks 1978 produced by the late Joe Gracey, released on Rude Records in 1981.

The Skunks (1978) will kick off The End Records showcase at 8 PM. Get there early to catch 40 minutes of sizzling, bonerattling rock ‘n roll. The lineup for the whole night follows.

Lit Lounge
215 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701
(512) 236-8878

8PM The Skunks (Jesse Sublett)
9PM Marianne’s Wish (George Solonos)
10PM Ruby The Hatchet (John Scarperia)
11PM Okta Logue (Olli Frank)
12PM My Jerusalem (Jeff Klein)
1AM Rich Robinson (Randy Miller)

PS. Eddie Munoz will also be at SXSW 2014 rocking with Split Squad.

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