Spring is here



OK, you-know-what is over. But spring is here, in case you missed the redbuds blooming and other things popping up, breaking out into color and generally efflorescing. This afternoon I just happened to catch Marco Werman on PRI in time for Sabina Sciubba’s slot promoting her new solo release. I don’t know if the whole record is as great as the first song she played, but it knocked me out. Check it out here. If Sabina’s name doesn’t ring a bell, you might recognize the name of her band, the Brazilian Girls. If you’re not familiar with them, you’re on your own, but I will say that I liked them instantly, first time I heard them. They seem like a singles band and a live band more than a CD band, but that’s OK. You can watch the Brazilian Girls doing their song “Pussy” on this youtube clip.

Jesse Sublett, author, playwright, bassist extraordinaire, noir novelist, Minotaur Memoirist

Minotaur Ready for Combat in the 21st Century

Speaking of girls in bands, my biggest disappointment last week was missing Arum Rae, who played two shows in Austin but I had schedule conflicts both nights. Arum formerly lived in Austin and performed in a twosome called White Dress. I played on a bill with her a few years ago and again, it was instantaneous. You can sample her music on her minimalist home page or look her up on youtube also. She is supercool.

Arum Rae

Arum Rae


More about this upcoming gig later: Friday, March 28, 7 PM, at All Saints Episcopal Church, I’ll be performing as a storyteller. Unique venue, special concept, no props, just me. Check it out here, or just read the details, and check the home page here.

Friday, March 28th
7:00 PM

All Saints’ Episcopal Church
209 W. 27th St.
Austin, TX 78705

For Lent this year, we’re going to do something a little different. Let us set the scene. It’s dark in the church except for the beam of a single spotlight. There’s no noise. A person steps into the lit circle and begins to tell a story. The story will be a true one, from the speaker’s own life. That will be all. No musical accompaniment. No notes. No visual aids. No gimmicks at all. Just a person and a story. Afterwards, we’ll move the gathering to Kinsolving Hall for fellowship and discussion.

jesseNext up is one of Austin’s finest–rocker and writer Jesse Sublett. Although he’s best known as one of the founders of the Austin punk scene with the Skunks, his work encompasses jazz, blues, Americana, and the odd mystery novel. Jesse is intimately and profoundly acquainted with loss, renewal, and redemption.



Me (center stage) with Tim Stegall & Clint Shay & the rest of the Hormones singing "Gimme Some" at SXSW unofficial 2014 at the Legendary White Swan.

Me (center stage) with Tim Stegall & Clint Shay & the rest of the Hormones singing “Gimme Some” at SXSW unofficial 2014 at the Legendary White Swan.

PS. The above photo is by Julia Cohen, as you can see by the watermark. Thanks for letting me use it.

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