Darla Pours a Double

New art added to the Art page this weekend. “Darla Pours a Double” is a small 8 x 11 acrylic & oil pastel on paper in a black matte temporary frame. “Grackle World” is 20 x 16 acrylic on canvas. It’s a Grackle World, we’re just living in it. Happy Fathers Day.

A few bonus images below from my pulp fiction collection. For you fans of TOUCH OF EVIL (1958), one of the best and darkest and weirdest of all films noir, here’s the source material for the movie script, along with a book about the film and the adaptation process.

At one time I had every book published under the various names and pseudonyms of author team Bob Wade and Bill Miller. That includes not only the monumental classic, Badge of Evil / Touch of Evil, but also the super strange Kiss Her Good-By and Kitten with a Whip.


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