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Big Foot Chester, Jesse Sublett, Davy Jones

Big Foot Chester benefit for Davy Jones

Come out Friday night for a great cause: As most of you probably know, Davy Jones is that cool cat who’s played guitar in like 100 bands since the founding of Raul’s. The Hickoids and Big Foot Chester are just two of them. Right now, Davy is having an adventure with lung cancer and his friends have been getting together to help him out since he has helped so many of us over the years. Coincident with the anniversary of Hole in the Wall (40 years) and Big Foot Chester (20 years) there’s a big benefit show at the Hole this Friday. Big show, small price: $10. Come out, drop by and pay the cover if you’re on your way to some lame show that you can’t get out of or a hot date or whatever, pull some more dough out and drop it in the hat and help a brother out. Talking about My Terrible Self singing a Howlin Wolf song, plus my bros Walter Daniels, Bill Anderson, Big Joe Doerr, Ted Roddy, Texacala Jones, and quite a number of sensational individuals.

See my art gallery by clicking this link. A couple of new images below, just for fun.

And then, finally, I guess you heard, they are remodeling the city council chambers here in Austin and, because some of our more conservative Texas cities have sometimes derisively referred to the Liberal Oasis of this Red State as The People’s Republic of Austin, I just wondered if those folks might be wondering about what the brand new city council dais might look like?

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