1960s Austin Gangsters: update

Jesse Sublett, true crime book, Austin underworld history

Coming from History Press March 9, 2015.

We now have a firm release date of March 9, 2015 for 1960s Austin Gangsters: Organized Crime That Rocked The Capital. You’ll find more updates on book events & where to purchase in the coming weeks. The timing means that we’ll have books in time for SXSW, where I’ll do a brief signing at the SXSW bookstore (the festival is March 13-22), so check back for the exact date, and we will probably do another SXSW-related event, plus bookstore and/or blues joint gigs before and after.


Still shot from “Walking Tall,” the original Dixie Mafia movie, based on real events about Tim Overton’s friends in Tennessee, Mississippi and New Orleans.

Jesse Sublett, author & artist at large

Attorney Brooks Holman, left, and Timmy Overton.

Jesse Sublett, author & artist at large

Hattie Valdes, Austin’s leading whorehouse madam.


Chester Arthur Schutz, Jr., who seems to have had nine lives. Maybe more. Nickname: Magoo.

Charles Whitman

Yes, there’s a couple of stories about hard luck Charlie Whitman, the geek who took over the Tower August 1, 1966. He owed Tim Overton a gambling debt.


Timmy Overton, right, putting the hurt on in Golden Gloves. Timmy fought in 1957 and 1958, maybe 1955, too, first as a middleweight, then light-heavy.

Jesse Sublett, crime novelist and historian

More Overtons. Dudley Pounds was a friend from way back, same age as Timmy, attended McCallum, played baseball, very tough, professional road gambler, later cohort of Jerry Ray James in their New Mexico misadventures.

TIm Overton mug shot 1967.

TIm Overton mug shot 1967.

Jesse Sublett, author & artist at large

Peggy Bryant, a rival of Hattie Valdes.


Jerry Ray James, AKA Fat Jerry, Fat, Fat Cat, The Fat Man, Fox, Wolf, John W. Hardin, Jerome Jennings… a real desperado. He and Tim Overton were, some said, like Laurel & Hardy. With a mean streak.


Unfortunately it looks like we won’t have books in time for Scott Montgomery’s Feb. 16, 2015 birthday party at Noir at the Bar at Opal Divine Penn Field, but you can bet that I’ll be there with my guitar or bass, some reading material, and some murder ballads. Scott’s working on a program of authors for that date, so again, check back for details.








I’ve included a few images here that wouldn’t work for the book, because of low resolution, but they work fine online. So you could call these “exclusive” pictures, except I expect that some of my readers / trollers will copy them and use them, as they’ve done in the past, so if they’re exclusive now, they may not be exclusive five minutes from now.



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