Oil Company Drones Buzz Capitol During Inauguration

Jesse Sublett, Austin author and musician

On an otherwise perfect day, terror struck from the skies.

A crowd of terrified citizens were paralyzed in fear today as what have been identified as oil company drones repeatedly buzzed the grounds of the State Capitol and downtown Congress Avenue. Most of them had expected to see the newly elected governor and lieutenant governor take the oath of office and were visibly shaken after the robotic machines appeared instead.

Jesse Sublett, Austin author & Musician, anti-fracking

An FAA spokesperson identified the flying objects as remotely piloted drones of the type routinely utilized by various oil companies in Texas and the U.S.  Drillers and oil field operators have used the drones for years, expanding their use a variety of areas, such as overseeing state government operations, passing legislation, stripping environmental regulations, paying off elected officials to facilitate hydraulic fracking operations, dumping toxic wastes, and various functions formerly performed by humans.

Jesse Sublett, Austin author & Musician, anti-fracking


Veteran capital observers said to expect increased reliance of drones in place of government officials in the future.


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