Atomic Blonde

I Married an Artist…? Sometimes you can write a story with a few book titles, sometimes it’s just a series of interesting questions. Long Shot…? Every time you try to create something, it’s a long shot whether your message will come out right and even if it does, you never know whether your message will connect. Some days I wake up feeling like I’m an Earth Man on Venus…, but you know, sometimes the only sure thing in this world is an Atomic Blonde.

Jesse Sublett, novelist, nonfiction author, essayist, musician, artist, Austin character

Coming March 9, 2015

Soon we’ll start the countdown for 1960s Austin Gangsters, due in March from History Press, my nonfiction account of the Timmy Overton Gang and the Dixie Mafia in Austin in the 1960s (for more info click Austin Noir). We hope this new title will be worthy of our readers. We hope it will sell a few copies, too, but mostly, I hope it proves a worthwhile. I enjoyed writing it and researching it, or most of the time I did enjoy it. It was also a lot of work. Below, a photo of the residence of where Hattie Valdes lived during the 1960s.

The house has changed a lot since the 1960s. The current owners have been renovating for quite a while. At this time of year the trees are sufficiently bare that we can see it fairly well without bothering the people who live there. In a few weeks, the trees and other foliage will flesh out and it will disappear again. Hattie liked a little bit of privacy, except when she didn’t.

Jesse Sublett's Little Black Book, Jesse Sublett, Austin author & musician

Hattie Valdes, Austin’s most infamous and successful madam

Hattie, who was a successful bordello operator for many decades, who had been in the sex business since the Depression, drove a pink Cadillac, wore furs and jewels, invested heavily in real estate and left a rich legacy in property as well as stories. We only had room for a few of them in Austin Gangsters.

Soon we’ll post information for preordering Austin Gangsters, and will post a few articles about its contents, along with news about book signings and other promotional gigs.


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