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June 2015

Jesse Sublett, Austin author, musician, legend


KING OF NOIR Hello: You may have accessed this post from November 30, 2012 via another host, a ghost host, and if so you won’t see the illustrations and you’ll basically be lost. Please use this link to access this post. It’s been lovingly updated, with all the graphics from …

Jesse Sublett, Austin author, musician, The Skunks: Austin's First Punk Band, "Earthquake Shake," by the Skunks from Austin, TX

The Splash Four covers “Earthquake Shake”

Although I’ve known about this record for several years, I only recently scored a copy of “Do the Earthquake Shake” by The Splash Four, a punk band from Paris. Their version of the Skunks‘ original “Earthquake Shake” is pretty damn solid. They changed a few chords between choruses, which is …