The Splash Four covers “Earthquake Shake”

Although I’ve known about this record for several years, I only recently scored a copy of “Do the Earthquake Shake” by The Splash Four, a punk band from Paris. Their version of the Skunks‘ original “Earthquake Shake” is pretty damn solid. They changed a few chords between choruses, which is fine, because in our version, there was just a one-chord bridge, which I thought was pretty brilliant in a totally minimalist way, but I like their addition a lot. It almost sounds like a vinyl record skipping. The CD was released in 1995 and is distributed by Get Hip of Pittsburgh, PA, a label run by Gregg Kostelich of the band the Cynics.

Enough talk, here’s the rock. By the way, the rest of the CD is pretty damn good, too. One of my other favorites is “Girl with No Brain.”

Earthquake Shake Originally composed by Jesse Sublett in 1973, Big Striped Cat Publishing, BMI. "Earthquake Shake" from Do The Earthquake Shake! by Splash Four. Track 16. Genre: パンク. "Earthquake Shake"

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