#ThugBackThursday with “1960s Austin Gangsters”

Update: See a brand new review of “1960s Austin Gangsters” on LoneStarLiterary.com.

Come see us at Barnes & Noble Sunset Valley Thursday July 9th, 5 PM, for their #ThrowBackThursday #GetPopCultured book signing for “1960s Austin Gangsters: Organized Crime that Rocked the Capital.” This is my eighth book and it’s been a huge hit in the Austin area. As it well should be. Austin was still a laid back capital and college town in the late sixties when the white thug culture was exploding in the rough parts of town. The class of ’58 in particular remembers Timmy Overton and his brothers Darrell and Charles, Don Jester, Dudley Pounds, “Little Larry” Culbreath, Dickie Goldstein, Sonny Stanley, and all the other toughs who strutted around Austin fist-fighting, shaving dice, safecracking, pimping, and all around thuggery, profiling in their Cadillacs and Thunderbirds and even, in the case of Travis Erwin, driving a green Edsel. Remember Le Lollypop, Austin’s first go-go club? Or the Golden Gloves tournament with its gala banquet and Miss Golden Gloves pageant? Remember when Don Jester punched out Elvis or when Timmy Overton and Jerry Ray James got revenge on Darrell Roy and UT by punching the safe at the UT Co-op during the Texas/A&M game, robbing all the money from the ticket sales–the biggest safe burglary in Austin history? Lots of history in this book, lots of lurid, weird noir tales, all true, all carefully authenticated. I’m really pleased when local stores — even Walgreen’s — tells me that the book has been “flying off the shelves.” Also really pleased to hear from former classmates of these bad boy s who remember them when they were just, more or less, regular guys. Thanks for your support, come out and get your copy signed. Happy Fourth of July, whatever country you hail from.

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