Jon Dee & Friend Show featuring Jesse Sublett

Jesse Sublett, Jon Dee Graham, Austin's first punk band, the Skunks

Jon Dee Graham & Jesse Sublett at at the Gallery

Sunday August 2, 8 PM, a rare treat: Jon Dee Graham & Friend Show with Jesse Sublett. That’s the official billing, but those of you who’ve been around for a while will note the irony. That is, Jon Dee Graham & I have been friends and musical co-conspirators since 1979 when Jon Dee replaced Eddie Munoz in the Skunks. A lot of time has passed since then. Jon Dee has played with a lot of famous people, toured a zillion miles, written about 100 songs that are among the best songs around. I’ve played with a few famous people, published at least eight books, played music and presented literary-musical-artistic works in various formats. But one of the coolest, most important things I do anymore is hang out, whenever possible, with my great friend Jon Dee Graham. As some of you know, when you sit down with Jon Dee and pick up some musical instruments, you never know what’s going to happen next. In some ways, it’s frightening, but fear stimulates adrenaline and, with luck, the creative machinery. So I’ll come to the gig with a few songs written on a list in my pocket, just as reminders, but we never follow any set list. I’ll practice a bit on my own, just to try and sharpen my chops. I do want to do a couple of Casey Bill Weldon songs. In fact, I’m putting that out there so I’ll be committed to doing them instead of chickening out at the last minute. It means bringing my resonator guitar. (By the way, here’s a video clip of me singing CBW’s “My Stove Won’t Work” in the jungle patio.) Anyway, I’ll be bringing my upright, my B-50, and the resonator, and that list… and I’m really looking forward to it. Oh yeah, I’ll bring along a few copies of 1960s Austin Gangstersso if you haven’t bought one yet, here’s your chance to pick one up and get it deface by de author. Cheers!

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