Vacant Lots On Fire

My new favorite band, the Vacant Lots. I don’t listen to a lot of psych bands. I mean, after seeing the 13th Floor Elevators back in the day, maybe I’m jaded. But I like this one. Normally I don’t care for 2-person bands, either, but these guys sound like a full band. Maybe partially it’s because there’s a strong hint of the Hives, whom I miss very much, alongside the obvious Velvet Underground, Satanic Majesties Stones, and of course, Alan Vega/Suicide. Back in 1979, when the Skunks were playing CBGB and the other punk Mecca sites, we caught Suicide at CBGB, and loved it.

I regret being so absent the last few months. I’ve been working on finishing up work with Eddie Wilson on his fabulous Armadillo World Headquarters memoir, while diving into the book about Esther’s Follies. Both books are among the greatest writing experiences I’ve ever had, not counting 1960s Austin Gangsters. But I’ll try to find time to post a bit more.

Here’s another great clip, “Mad Mary Jones” by the Vacant Lots.

And the Vacant Lots site where you can stream all of their songs.

AND, finally, a plug for moi. You can also stream / buy my latest stuff on CDBaby.

Hope this finds you well.


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