Armadillo World Headquarters: A Memoir, the definitive book on Austin Music History, Jesse Sublett, Eddie Wilson, Austin MusicSee you tonight at 6 PM with Martha Louise Hunter on 91.7 FM KOOP. The show is called Writing On the Air, and it’s all about books, what goes in them, who writes them, who reads them. The books are pulling into port and will be at Threadill’s Friday evening, for sure, for sure! Long-awaited, much anticipated, pre-order or make a point to get the first printing ASAP. You can preorder here.
We’re having fun so far promoting it and I don’t see any reason not to keep doing it. Eddie Wilson is a brilliant writer. You already knew that. It was my privilege to help my pal bring it all together.

http://www.threadgills.com/new-products/armadillo-world-headquarters-a-memoir-by-eddie-wilson-and-jesse-sublett "Austin Music scene" "Austin books" "books about Austin music"

Eddie Wilson & Jesse Sublett






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