Texas Book Festival 2017: Jesse has two books in it

Jesse Sublett, author of "Esther's Follies," and "Armadillo World Headquarters: A Memoir, with Eddie Wilson; and "1960s Austin Gangsters"

Jesse Sublett, true crime author, Austin author"Armadillo World Headquarters = Live Music Capital of the World = by Eddie Wilson & Jesse Sublett









The 2017 Texas Book Festival is Saturday & Sunday, Nov. 4-5. Check the schedule to plan your weekend. I’ll be presenting two new books this year, Armadillo World Headquarters: A Memoir, by Eddie Wilson & Jesse Sublett. Check the online schedule in advance for the location my presentations. Saturday, 11 AM -12 noon, Eddie Wilson and I will be sharing our panel with Donna Marie Miller, author of The Broken Spoke, Austin’s Legendary Honky-Tonk James White, founder the Broken Spoke, will be with us, too. The panel was saddled with an incredibly awful name, which the festival stuck with despite asking my opinion, then ignoring it, but please come anyway. I am awfully proud of our work on Armadillo World Headquarters. There will be lots of ground to cover, and I’m sure the room will be filled to the ceiling with crazy memories and stories. 

Also on Saturday, 3-4 PM, more crazy nocturnal adventures will be discussed when we celebrate the publication of my latest book, Esther’s Follies: The Laughs, the Gossip, and the Story Behind Texas’ Most Celebrated Comedy Troupe,  and we’ll be sharing the spotlight with Amy Stoneauthor of Corynation, the story of the outrageous side of San Antonio’s annual Fiesta. Our moderator will be Michelle Newby, who runs the Texas Book Lover blog. Keep up with her on Twitter and by the way, you can tweet me anytime, too. Just call me @Jesse_Sublett.
Esther's Follies, Jesse Sublett wrote the history of Esther's Follies, the history of Armadillo World Headquarters (with Eddie Wilson), and 1960s Austin Gangsters: Organized Crime That Rocked the Capital

After each sessions, the authors will go to the book-signing tent, where you can come get your books personally signed by us. The Festival always has lots of helpful, trained volunteers to help get people where they need to go.

Spread the word, Thunderbird: #txbookfest

the handle for Instagram & Twitter is @texasbookfest, and then there’s Facebook .

Cheers, Jesse

"Jesse Sublett" "Jesse Sublett, author and musician" "Jesse Sublett Austin music legend" "Jesse Sublett noir"

Jesse’s new EP, “Blood on the Page,” with 7 new songs, big sound, cool groove.


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Eddie Wilson & Jesse Sublett, co-authors.

Jesse Sublett, Austin author, musician, legend; blues music

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