A fairly short bio of Jesse Sublett:

Jesse Sublett is an author and musician in Austin, Texas. He is happy to announce that the year 2017 saw the publication of his 11th book, Armadillo World Headquarters: A Memoir, by Eddie Wilson and Jesse Sublett; and also his 12th book, Esther’s Follies: The Laughs, the Gossip, and the Story Behind Texas’ Most Celebrated Comedy Troupe. These two complete his terrible trio of Austin history, following up his 2014 book, 1960s Austin Gangsters: Organized Crime That Rocked the Capital. Jesse feels lucky for the opportunity to write about crime, comedy, and music which so often meet secretly at night and shake hands. Each of these books tells its own version of the secret history of Austin, Texas, and its transition from sleepy state capital/college town to the ever-expanding Live Music Capital of the World.

Also a legendary musician, Jesse shook up the Austin music scene in the late 1970s by playing in the city’s first two punk bands, The Skunks and The Violators, creating the burgeoning underground punk and new wave scene at joints like Raul’s, the Continental Club, and Club Foot.

Later Jesse published a trio of Austin-based crime novels, Rock Critic Murders, Tough Baby, and Boiled in Concrete. Work in low budget film and television came next. In 2004 he published his survivor’s memoir, Never the Same Again: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Gothic. Jesse also writes documentaries. He lives with his beautiful wife, Lois Richwine, and at least three cats. In October 2017 he released a new CD called Blood On the Page, which we’ll cite here:

 I’m writing a book

a thousand words a day

and there’s blood on every page.

 What kind of books has Jesse written? Check out the Books page. Crime novels, nonfiction history, music, novellas, short stories, a true crime memoir, journalism. Yeah, he also do some uncredited and/or ghostwriting work.

Journalism work includes New York Times, Texas Observer, Texas Monthly, Texas Tribune, and Austin Chronicle.

Television: Lots of history documentaries, including, before they became reality TV-and-alligator-hunting obsessed, History Channel. There’s a film called “Deep in the Heart (of Texas),” which Jesse adapted from a play with Stephen Purvis and Tom Huckabee. You can find the DVD on Amazon. Attila the Hun? Watch the one-hour TV doc  Jesse wrote here.

Music career!  Look at the Music page.

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