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The Blues Cat, his blues was epic, like a film noir in real time, all those hard luck songs about trains and cheap whisky, jail, no money and bad women like shrapnel from a bomb embedded in his soul.

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  1. Hi Jesse, I will have to scan and send an old pic of us, from The Skunks days when you came to Ohio to perform in Kent, Youngstown and Akron. I was managing The Somatics. I am still in music part time. I manage an artist from Buffalo, named Davey O. who is performing at Folk Alliance next weekend. I manage a skin care boutique in Beachwood, Ohio and I have been blogging for the past six months ( with some music and art coverage. Glad to find this link through Louis Meyers, and see that you are still creative, producing art, books and music! Take Care, Giselle

  2. G M Weatherford

    Working on my family history, wondering if your Phil Sublett, who shot Wes Hardin, could be the Philip A. Sublett who sold land in 1842 to Mason Phelps who then sold to my Great-Grandfather Chas. A. Weatherford, the banker in Ferris, in what is now Ellis County. ALSO, our semi-famous Rev. John Weatherford b. 1743 married Martha Sublett b. 1752. I’m hoping you can tie her into our Philip A. and your Phil.
    Thank you! Happy Trails

  3. Howdy Jesse–just a note to tell you “amazing” show at Threadgill’s this past weekend! I was up front and center with a big, goofy grin–and because you fellas had my full attention, for the moment at least, I wasn’t even nostalgic for the old days at the Back Room. I hear/see quite a few shows (music is my thing)–best show I’ve heard in 5 years! Killer!

    p.s have called around and located some of your recordings at such as Antone’s Records.

    • Hi Nathan, thanks a lot. We had a great time! Hope to do another show in a couple of months. Interesting, your comment isn’t the first one to use the adjective “amazing”… I like that.
      Cheers, Jesse



    • jessesublett

      Don’t know, never heard of those names, but basically, all Subletts are related, including me & those in San Augustine, like Phil Sublett, who was Sam Houston’s pal, and another Phil Sublett, who shot John Wesley Hardin in the stomach after an argument over nine pins in Trinity, and lived to tell the tale (but in territory far removed from the incident).

  5. I Brothers

    Thank you for all you have done to share your story about your tragedy. As a neighbor of Lyle, my family was terrorized by him. I was so young and yet I still remember the havoc he caused in the neighborhood. I wish you all the best and understand you have been blessed with a beautiful family. Be at peace knowing you have done and continue to keep our world a better place by keeping the monster locked up.

  6. I Brothers

    Called my mom to let her know I contacted you. She read your book. Any way, she told me to send you her best and glad you are doing so well. Keep soaring! You have inspired me to write! We wish you all the very best.

  7. Dear Jesse,

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    • jessesublett


      “Publicity is the best way to create awareness, build your online presence, and increase sales.” No kidding??? Wow! Best of luck to you.


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