I am a writer and artist based in Austin, Texas, where I live with my wife, Lois Richwine, and several cats.

Information about my published novels and nonfiction can be found on the Books page. I’ve published a number of crime novels, novellas, short stories and nonfiction crime articles. I’ve also published a true crime memoir and the definitive work History of the Texas Turnpike Authority. As a ghost writer and/or provider of various author services, I have contributed (as writer, editor, consultant, etc.) to a larger number of published books on a variety of subjects. Some of these are listed on the Books page.

If interested in speaking to me about a ghostwriting project, journalism or other author services, send a message through the contact form below.

For a look at my artwork, go to the ART page.

My work has been published in many print magazines, including the New York Times, Texas Observer, Texas Monthly, Texas Tribune, and Austin Chronicle. In the 1990s through 2010, I wrote extensively for the History Channel. I’ve written for reality TV and other TV/ film projects, including a film, “Deep in the Heart (of Texas),” which I adapted from a play with Stephen Purvis and Tom Huckabee. Check out the DVD on Amazon. Interested in Attila the Hun? You can watch the Biography episode I wrote here.

Information about my music career is to be found on the Music page, and in various other online sources, including Wikipedia.



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