Grave Digger Blues, Jesse Sublett, Surrealistic Detective story

The author proofs his work.

Grave Digger Blues, my most recent noir novel, is now available in print–as well as enhanced digital editions (Grave Digger Blues enhanced iPad edition and Grave Digger Blues Kindle edition).

Grave Digger Blues is a nasty, raunchy, rude-boy romp that I totally loved. In its sinister way it is very, very funny. The exquisitely rendered visuals and other enhancements are great. You’ll love it, especially if you hate the Beatles.” W.K. Stratton (Chasing the Rodeo, Boxing Shadows, Floyd Patterson: The Fighting Live of Boxing’s Invisible Champ)

surrealistic detective novel, noir, Jesse Sublett, Denis Johnson, James Ellroy

Grave Digger Blues is a surrealistic detective novel

PRINT: GRAVE DIGGER BLUES is a 6 x 9 inch soft cover with nearly 100 new images. For those of you who own or have seen samples of the digital editions, please note that the illustrations in this edition are almost all different than the collection in the digital editions. Buy the book at BookPeople in Austin, also South Congress Books, or order your autographed copy here by sending me a message. You can also order directly from DIGITAL: The standard Kindle version, which  you can read on your iPhone, Kindle, Kindle Fire, etc., is powered by an explosive 52,000 word hardboiled pulp fiction story and over 100 eye-popping photos, drawings and other graphics. The Blues Deluxe version for the iPad has all that plus over an hour of audio, including Jesse’s original blues theme songs, audio chapters (collaborations with Johnny Reno) and a video music intro. Download the enhanced iPad version (with music, 100+ photos & graphics, audio chapters, video, and original blues soundtrack) from iTunes for $6.99 or the Kindle version from Amazon for $4.99. See more details on the GRAVE DIGGER BLUES PAGE."jesse sublett" "denis johnson" "james ellroy" "crime fiction" noir + hardboiled "detective fiction" "crime fiction" + "post-apocalyptic"

GRAVE DIGGER BLUES out now for iPad also Kindle, iPhone, etc.

Much more info about this novel, including links to music and video, reviews, and other material is on the GRAVE DIGGER BLUES page. Jesse’s career as a published author began in 1989 with the hard cover publication of his first book, Rock Critic Murders, the first of three novels featuring a bass-playing sleuth named Martin Fender in Austin, Texas. See other highlights of his career in print in the gallery below. He has also published numerous short stories and several nonfiction books. When James Ellroy, the author of LA Confidential and The Black Dahlia, calls a book “harrowing” and “spellbinding,” you know you’ve got something. Ellroy was talking about Jesse’s true crime and music memoir, Never the Same Again: A Rock n’ Roll Gothic, published in 2004. Read an excerpt here and buy it here. Never The Same Again chronicles Jesse’s music career, his ordeal with Stage IV throat cancer with four percent chance of survival, growing up in the Hill Country, the murder of his girlfriend, Dianne Roberts, by a serial killer, living in LA with Lois and becoming a father, being a crime writer and nonfiction TV writer, novelist, etc.

“Never the Same Again is a harrowing, wrenching, spellbinding work of great candor and soul. Read it, think with it, dig it.” James Ellroy (L.A. Confidential, American Tabloid, The Cold Six Thousand)

Hard cover copies of Never the Same Again are available through this site. To order a signed copy, send us an email. The books are $20 + $5 shipping and handling in the USA. On Amazon, go to the Jesse Sublett Books for Kindle page and you’ll find these works available in digital format for Kindle, iPhone, iPad and other devices.

ROCK CRITIC MURDERS: 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION, is a multi-touch, multi-media iBook for the iPad, availing in the  iTunes store.

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Enhanced w/ music & other media for the iPad.

The iPad edition of Rock Critic Murders has lots of cool music–including bluesy garage rock from the semi-fictional band Cloud 19 (starring Jesse and Jon Dee Graham), plus some of his solo murder ballads and blues, plus photos, his lurid original art, and vintage photos of the Skunks, and Austin clubs, joints, and other landmarks, video postcards from his favorite haunts including the world-famous Continental Club, Lady Bird Lake, South Congress Avenue, Threadgill’s and more, and the same ground-breaking rock n roll-fueled Austin pulp fiction. Buy it here.

Moral Hazard, a short story originally published in the anthology Lone Star Noir (Akashic 2010), is also available as an eBook at Amazon. With an Austin setting, this crime caper story involves professional thieves, corrupt politicians and religious figures, and also, believe it or not, an at-gunpoint-critical-analysis of Cormac McCarthy’s great novel No Country for Old Men. Read about the background of this story here. MORE TITLES and PRODUCTS will be added soon. Subscribe to this blog and stay tuned for more updates. Cheers.

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  1. Kim

    Hi. After hearing your interview with Brian Wise on Triple-R this morning, I did something I swore I’d never do – I signed up for an iTunes account, so I could enjoy Rock Critic Murders. It sounded great, and I was uber looking forward to it.

    Went through the whole registration process, added my credit card, etc, however it wasn’t until I clicked on the BUY button that I was told I needed an iPhone, iPad or similar iProduct to partake. I own no Apple products, and never intend to own an Apple product, so I guess I’m stuffed. Unless there’s plans for the book/s to be made available in other (non-Apple) formats…?

    • jessesublett

      Hey daddy-o, Rock Critic Murders, and also the other Martin Fender novels, can be read on almost any e-reader — Kindle, your PC, etc. The enhanced version of Rock Critic Murders, with photos & video & music, is the only one right now that is specifically produced for iPad. You can download the others from Amazon Kindle, Smashwords & probably other places. Sorry you wasted your money, but I think it’s pretty clearly labeled as being only for the iPad. PS if it’s any consolation you can download some chapters of my next novel — with music & other stuff — at

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