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Statesman story on “1960s Austin Gangsters”

Michael Barnes wrote a story on my book “1960s Austin Gangsters,” published in Austin American-Statesman on Mon., January 4, 2016: HISTORY Sublett scrapes Austin’s underside — again Author and musician’s ‘1960s Austin Gangsters’ elicits more gritty tales. Posted: 12:00 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 3, 2016 By Michael Barnes – American-Statesman Staff Turn over another …

Jesse Sublett, true crime author, Austin musician and author

That’s MISTER Gangster to you, bro

It’s been a busy week here in South Austin. Normally, if we spend the evening in the living room, our neighborhood semi-feral cat, Carl “CJ”  Johnson,  comes to visit and eat. Between his visits, we usually see either possum or raccoon, possibly a gang of the latter. In recent months …

Jesse Sublett, Austin author and musician

1960s Austin Gangsters

Happy Valentine’s Day 2015 and I hope your weekend wasn’t as stressful as it was for Bugs Moran in Chicago on Valentine’s Day 1929, as seen in the above images. Now, if we flash back just 50 years, we’re in the depth of the Overton Gang days in Austin, Texas, an …

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Preorder “1960s Austin Gangsters”

Preorder Jesse Sublett’s new true crime book “1960s Austin Gangsters: Organized Crime That Rocked the Capital.” Published by History Press in March 2015, the book can be advance purchased, signed and inscribed (or not) and shipped as soon as available for the special prepublication price of $24.99 ($19.99 + $5 S&H). Just send an email …

Jesse Sublett, true crime book, Austin underworld history

1960s Austin Gangsters: update

We now have a firm release date of March 9, 2015 for 1960s Austin Gangsters: Organized Crime That Rocked The Capital. You’ll find more updates on book events & where to purchase in the coming weeks. The timing means that we’ll have books in time for SXSW, where I’ll do …