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Jesse Sublett, Austin author + musician

Atomic Blonde

I Married an Artist…? Sometimes you can write a story with a few book titles, sometimes it’s just a series of interesting questions. Long Shot…? Every time you try to create something, it’s a long shot whether your message will come out right and even if it does, you never know …

Broke, Not Broken: Homer Maxey's Texas Bank War, by Broadus A. Spivey & Jesse Sublett

My Favorite Books of 2014

    Consider this an expanded version of the piece in the last Austin Chronicle of 2014 on my favorite books of 2014. Sometimes it feels like I’m too busy reading research source material and proofing my own writing to keep up with current books, but as it turns out, I …


Here please find Chapter 3 of the poem cycle titled Red Dirt Chronicles (see also Red Dirt #1 and Red Dirt #2). Updates: Two brand new art works on the ART page which are previewed here as well, “Minotaur in Blue” and “King of the City.” Also note the new pull-down on the ART, Noir/Pulp Fiction Art. I’ll keep updating, adding …