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To help celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’ve put up a new page with my art, some stories about which I’ll share later… not all of them are happy endings, but you may get a chuckle or two on my expense. With no further ado, I’ll post the link here and ask you to have a look.

And I know we’ll see a bunch of you at Tertulia tonight, that quarterly community art event we all look forward to. I usually read a new prose piece, sometimes with my wife, Lois Richwine, but tonight I’ll be singing a new song.

Jesse Sublett, noir writer, blues singer, artist at large, Austin, TX

CHAVEZ ON THE MOON, about 20 x 16, signed limited print, $250.

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Get your tickets to our show here:   Cool show. You’ll dig it. We promise surprises. A portion of proceeds to benefit  HAAM. Your good taste & dollars will help support the health of Austin musicians.

Hosted & produced by Jesse Sublett & Kim Simpson. Featuring Jesse Sublett’s Electric band, with Jesse Sublett, Kim Simpson and Bill Blackmon (original drummer of The Skunks). We’ll be joined by Dashiell Sublett and Jon Dee Graham (also of The Skunks) and Steve Bernal. Solo performances by Steve Bernal, Kathy McCarty, Kacy Crowley, Jon Dee Graham, Kim Simpson… Also featuring the Reivers, Why Not Satellite and The Wild Seeds. Read about it in Austin Monthly (February issue) and other choice media, including Austin.CultureMap. These are all Austin artists for whom Lou Reed has been a seminal influence. It’s not a “Sweet Jane” marathon jam, but a tribute, a recognition of the legacy of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. Some of us got through dark times in our lives with the help of Lou’s music and the sonic, emotional space occupied by songs like “Waiting for My Man,” “Berlin,” “Stephanie Says,” “Sister Ray,” “Perfect Day,” “Heard her call My Name,” “What Goes On,” “Busload of Faith,” “Venus in Furs,” “Dirty Boulevard,” etc… the list goes on forever, like art itself.

Keep your eye on this blog. I’ll add more later, along with other links to stories about the gig. Oh yeah, we’ll be on KUTX-FM with Jay Trachtenberg at 2:30 PM Thursday, January 30. We’ll do a couple of songs, an interview. It’ll be cool.

Jesse Sublett

Lou Reed Music: An Austin Tribute, presented by Jesse Sublett, with Jon Dee Graham, Dashiell Sublett, Kacy Crowley, Why Not Satellite, The Wild Seeds, the Reivers, Kathy McCarty, Steve Bernal & others TBA


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Advance Tickets for LOU REED MUSIC: AN AUSTIN TRIBUTE Feb. 1

Get your tickets to our show here:  Sponsored by HAAM. Cool show. You’ll dig it. We promise surprises.

Jesse Sublett

Lou Reed Music: An Austin Tribute, presented by Jesse Sublett, with Jon Dee Graham, Dashiell Sublett, Kacy Crowley, Why Not Satellite, The Wild Seeds, the Reivers, Kathy McCarty, Steve Bernal & others TBA


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Happy New Year

Jesse Sublett, noir author, bass player

Me & Moe & Lois

A few presents to you, friends & strangers: Starting on New Year’s Eve (12.31.13) all eBooks I’ve published to date are slashed in price. On the Amazon Kindle page for my books, you’ll find all my novels reduced to either $1.99 or $2.99. That includes my most recent, wildest, most surreal novel to date, Grave Digger Blues, which has almost 100 illustrations, song lyrics, and provides links to audio chapters and my original blues soundtrack on two separate soundcloud.com pages, soundcloud.com/jessesublett and soundcloud.com/atomicgarage. You can download up to an hour or so of my original music and narration. If you dare.

I don’t control my memoir, Never the Same Again, so I can’t lower the price on that one, but I’m going to ask the publisher to consider it. More books are coming from me in 2014, including Broke, Not Broken: Homer Maxey’s Texas Bank War, a non fiction legal thriller and West Texas history chronicle written with Broadus A. Spivey.

Grave Digger Blues, Jesse Sublett,

And, starting on Dec. 31st, the  iPad versions of Rock Critic Murders and Grave Digger Blues, which include tons of added media, including over 100 color graphics, original music and audio chapters and some video, those have also been reduced to $1.99 or $2.99 on the iBookstore site. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap! Go directly to Grave Digger Blues on iTunes, or Rock Critic Murders: 25th Anniversary iPad Edition.

Exciting gigs on the horizon include a Skunks cameo at Alejandro Escovedo’s Sounds of Austinshow at the Moody Theater on January 11. I’ll post more details on that as I learn them. Also…

SATURDAY, FEB. 1st, 2014: The big, cool, classy show I am producing with Kim Simpson is “Lou Reed Music: A Tribute” starring a select group of Austin artists who will be performing their favorite Lou Reed / Velvet Underground songs in the intimate world class room, the Cactus Cafe at UT. HAAM is co-sponsoring. Advance tickets and more information available soon. Our list of performers: Jesse Sublett, Jon Dee Graham, Kim Simpson, the Reivers, Mike Hall & The Wild Seeds, Dashiell Sublett, Why Not Satellite, Steve Bernal, Kacy Crowley, Kathy McCarty, and others TBA. Show starts at 8:30 PM.

Jesse Sublett presents "Lou Reed Music: an Austin Tribute"

Lou Reed Music: An Austin Tribute, presented by Jesse Sublett, with Jon Dee Graham, Dashiell Sublett, Kacy Crowley, Why Not Satellite, The Wild Seeds, the Reivers, Kathy McCarty, Steve Bernal & others TBA

More art is coming, too. Expect some of the usual naked beauties plus other, more abstract things. I’m also working on my minotaur stories and may publish my original one-act musical play script which was formerly titled and performed under the name “Marathon.” The story mixes ancient Greek legend from the Heroic age with West Texas small town football, and a visit by a modern slacker Theseus who must battle a modern evolution of the mythic Minotaur in a labyrinth constructed in a small-town high school football arena. So… stay tuned for that.

Jesse Sublett, author, playwright, bassist extraordinaire, noir novelist, Minotaur Memoirist

Minotaur Ready for Combat in the 21st Century

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jesse sublett, jon dee graham, the Skunks, Austin, Texas

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have entered The Twilight Zone of Austin Blues. The Skunks have always been my favorite band.

One more blast from the 6.29.13 Continental Club gig, giving the fans and the room a taste of my Howlin’ Wolf obsession, doing the Wolf’s classic one-chord tidal wave, “Commit a Crime.” It’s been covered by 100′s of other bands, I guess, but I do think we do an acceptable rendition. Check it out unless playing cool shit at work will get you fired. Oh what the what do you need that job for anyway? Tell the boss I said to take a hike. Here’s the link.

THE SKUNKS “COMMIT A CRIME” 6.29.13 Continental Club

As I’m digging Billy’s propulsive heavyweight punch and the growl of my Fender Precision and that grizzly bear orgy erupting from Jon Dee Graham’s side of the stage, and watching Nakia moving around, shooting Jon Dee as if it’s some kind of solo act of his and the other 2/3 of the trio just happened to be holding up the wall, I wondered, you know, what if Antone’s had a band like The Skunks (trick question, there’s no other band like the Skunks) for their Blue Monday, or whatever blues show they like to promote, how would that effect the blues universe? If people came in to hear Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf, etc., and instead of those fine guitarists like Denny and Derek, respectable wailers like Lou Ann and Malcolm, … what if they had a band like us there, playing these songs as if the world was burning down outside and inside, which, by the way, it is. What if??


Jesse Sublett, Jon Dee Graham, Howlin' Wolf, Austin, Texas

The Skunks, surrealism at 150 Decibels

Anyhow, this is our edition of “Commit a Crime.” Lyrics inserted below for your reading pleasure.




I’m gonna leave you woman, before I commit a crime

I’m gonna leave you woman, before I commit a crime

You tried so hard to kill me,

woman it just was not my time


You put poison in my coffee, instead of milk or cream

You put poison in my coffee, instead of milk or cream

You bout the evilest woman,

that I ever seen


You mixed my drink, with a can of Red Devil lye

You mixed my drink, with a can of Red Devil lye

Then you sit down to watch me,

hoping that I might die


Church bell tolling, hearse come driving by real slow

Church bell tolls, hearse comes driving by real slow

I love you babe

I sure hope you don’t leave me no more.


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The legendary, mighty, notorious SKUNKS join a whole slew of bright fresh young sparkly rock bands at the Continental Club Saturday night for a very good cause, that is, to bring the hope of a music program to a struggling South Texas school district. The town is called San Perlita, and it’s way down South. MapQuest will show you. Read the article by young William Harries Graham, who will be playing, and so will his dad, the indestructible Jon Dee Graham (just back from a successful tour of Japan), plus another not-youngblood but bright musician, Nakia. The Skunks play at midnight, like 12:01 A.M., or something like tha. Read the Chronicle story, the band billing is below, Facebook event here, and the original poster, if you want to see it, is here. Tickets are $17 advance, $20 at the door, and it starts EARLY, because it’s an all-ages show. Doors open at 7:00 PM, show starts at 7:15.

The Skunks, Austin, Texas


And don’t forget, Grave Digger Blues, my surrealist detective novel featuring Hank Zzybnx, the last detective, is available at BookPeople, South Congress Books, and Yard Dog. Normally I sell copies at my gigs, but I sold out at my last gig and won’t have more until next week.


surrealistic detective novel, noir, Jesse Sublett, Denis Johnson, James Ellroy

Grave Digger Blues is a surrealistic detective novel

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jesse sublett + noir author

When Chavez was “escorted out” of Erdut Castle, somewhere in Croatia.

“Sounds like I woke you up.”
“Not really. I mean, it’s four A.M. but I’m not doing anything. Just lying here.”
“I need a ride.”
“Where are you? Normally you wake me up meowing before dawn for your morning sardine, but yesterday I overslept. I thought maybe you were sitting on the black Eames chair and I just didn’t see you.”
“Very funny. Next thing you’ll be saying all black cats look alike. I’m somewhere over here in Eastern Europe. I forgot the name. It’s a castle.”
“Hmm. Must be cold and damp.”
“I’ve got a blankie, but the wifi is lousy. I just remembered, it’s called Erdut.”
“Erdut? That’s in Croatia. What are you doing there?”
“You said I’m self-absorbed, I’ve got no feelings. You said I must be from the planet where that cat-eared guy on Star Trek is from.”
“You mean Spock?”
“Yeah, that dude.”
“Listen, Chavez, you must have catnip in your ears. I said you must be Vulcan, not Balkan. You went to the wrong place.”
“Oh, whatever, but the beds are nice. You gotta come get me, though. The house security guard had me ‘escorted out,’ whatever that means.”
“I can’t imagine why they would do that.”
“It’s a long story. There’s a small dog and a few dead finches involved.”
“Right. At least with your black fur, no one can see the bruise from the boot print on your little butt.”
“Speaking of black, just have the limo pull around the back and have the driver text me when he gets here.”
“Right. Anything else?”
“You know what.”
“Have the sardine can open. I know how you hate to wait.”
“Cool. I’ve almost got you trained. By the time I’m 30 years old, you might be a professional caretaker.”
“It’s important to have goals.”
“I gave up on that the day you showed up on the back wall.”

So that’s my story. Moe Chavez at Erdut Castle. He’s been thrown out of the best places on five continents and several of Austin’s most desirable addresses.

PS: My latest novel, Grave Digger Blues, is selling by the dozens at BookPeople and South Congress Avenue Books. Thanks for your support, noir fans. And The Skunks are playing again Saturday, June 29, at the Continental Club, at a benefit show, featuring a slew of U18 bands, at what is called Youngbloods Music Fest. The Skunks are at the bottom, and you may need a magnifying glass to see our name, with the wavy aroma lines around it, a joke that was stale in 1978, but whatever. We’re playing for a good cause, and art is its own reward, right? Come see my terrible self, the indestructible Jon Dee Graham, and our guest drummer, William Mansell, a fine musician whose been a pal of ours since before Attila the Hun stopped going barefoot every summer.

the Skunks, who helped put Austin on the rock n roll map

The Skunks, May 12, 2013




Grave Digger Blues, Jesse Sublett, Surrealistic Detective story

The author proofs his work.

Like I said already, somewhere, Sunday might be Fathers’ Day but this time here in Austin it’s Noir at the Bar, Daddy-o, so if you are cool, you will be there.

Next Austin edition of NOIR AT THE BAR is Sunday, June 16, 7 – 9 PM at Opal Divine Penn Field (3601 South Congress Ave). Scott Phillips, Jedidiah Ayres and me, My Terrible Self, a k a Jesse Sublett,are the featured authors. We will read from our books and I will play a few blues and murder ballads. I don’t know Jedidiah but I’ve known Scott Phillips since Jesus was in short pants and he’s a great damned writer. Hosted by BookPeople, see all the details here. Scott is one of the pioneers of Noir at the Bar, so we need to show the guy that Austin gets noir — and more important, that you appreciate it enough to buy books from the guys and gals who are good at it. In this case, I mean real good. Know what I mean? OK. See you there, pals.

BTW Jedidiah Ayres is the author of Fierce Bitches. Scott is the author of The Ice Harvest, The Rake, and many other great titles. Scott Montgomery, the ace bookseller at BookPeople, is working on a novel and will, I am told, give us a sample of his work-in-progress. More info on my own novels here and here. Ah, yes, one more book related item. There’s a pretty cool story on me in the June issue of Real South magazine. Below is a PDF of the story, not the whole magazine.


jesse sublett, crime novelist, blues singer, surrealist


PS, you may have heard, but my band, THE SKUNKS, will be playing at a special show with a truckload of young U18 bands at the Continental Club June 29. The show is called Music for Youngbloods. I’m still getting information on it, as it is a benefit for a school in way-south Texas, but it’s a good cause, and THE SKUNKS will be rocking hard.The benefit is being organized by William Harries Graham, son of Jon Dee Graham, so you know it’s got to be good.


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"murder ballads" + Austin + Jesse sublett

I haven’t been in a blogging mood lately. Hope you’ll come by my gig next Monday at the Buzz Mill. It’s early, it’s free, it’s cool. My special guests are Jon Dee Graham, Ricardo Acevedo and Mona Pitts. I’ll be doing a set of murder ballads and blues, old and new, traditional and original, and we’ll be doing a reading of a condensed version of Chapter 3 of Grave Digger Blues. I’ll have copies for sale & signature, too. $20 for this wildly illustrated, crazy surrealistic detective novel. Much more info about the book on the Grave Digger Blues page.

As some of you probably know, Jon Dee Graham was a member of my famous band, The Skunks, starting in 1979. Our last cameo gig was at the Margaret Moser Birthday Bash at the Continental Club on May 12. We kicked some serious butt. Some other good bands played also. Some photos below.

The Skunks rocking the house for Margaret Moser's Birthday May 12, 2013

Jesse + Skunks by David Fox

Jesse by Todd Gonna Wreck My Life

Skunks by Patrice Villastrigo

Son, far right, watches Father at Work by David Fox

Surrealist + the Grizzly Skunks by David Fox

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Friday Favorites

OK so it’s Friday, so here are some of my favorite things.

JON DEE GRAHAM’S BIRTHDAY PARTY, which was last night, at Maria’s Tacos. Jon Dee played for us, working on his birthday, as he tends to do, and so we were all reminded what a gift he is. Mike Hardwick accompanied him, although the size of Mike’s contributions kind of make the word “accompanied” seem inadequate. Suffice to say, if you’re a fan of Jon Dee Graham, and you go way back to the origins of his groove as a solo performer / bandleader, then you’re aware that a good deal of Jon Dee’s material from his first two albums was developed this way, just the two of them, together, melding their harmonic and melodic grooves. It was grand to hear the early material like this again.

jon dee graham, mike hardwick, the skunks, jesse sublett, maria's tacos

Jon Dee Graham’s birthday party at Maria’s had many cool guests in attendance

Not surprisingly, Maria did a superb job decorating. It was post card perfect. Lots of cool friends were there and a grand time was had by all, I’m sure.

I’ve probably said this before, in this space, but Jon Dee and I met when he was 19 years old, a Plan 2 student at UT with a brilliant career ahead of him, but that was all ruined when he auditioned for The Skunks, to replace the departing Eddie Munoz (who went off to be Elvis Costello‘s guitar tech, then guitarist with the Plimsouls), and Jon Dee got the job, as you may know. Then he went on to other things. UT’s loss was the art world’s gain.


jesse sublett, the buzz mill, murder ballads, crime fiction, noir, blues, austin music

I am playing solo 7:30-9 PM Monday March 4. I love this new joint. It’s just off I35 down Riverside on 1505 Town Creek. Sure, you know where Walgreen’s is, right? It’s just West of that, on the North side of Riverside. Before Emo’s or Antone’s or whatever it’s called now. See my blog about the gig here, or just come out. It’s free, for all you cheapskates, and it’s early, for all you elderly 9 to 5 types, and there are drink specials, for all of you lounge lizards. The Facebook event link is here.

SPEAKING OF THE SKUNKS, we will be playing at the super fab MARGARET MOSER BIRTHDAY EVENT, which is being organized by Jon Dee’s son, William Harries Graham. Confirmed performers include The Skunks, Kathy Valentine, Mystic Knights of the Sea, with many other super special guests yet to be announced, so an eye on Facebook or whatever social media pipeline suits you, for more details. Margaret Moser‘s precise birth date happens to be May 14, and mine is May 15, the same year, and Eddie Munoz and Lesley Woods are May 16; and there are many other notable Taureans are around, as you may know.

AND THEN THERE’S SXSW. Nettie Reynolds and I are hosting an EBOOK MEETUP Tuesday March 12, 12:30 PM, details here . It’s sponsored by BLURB. It will be a cool opportunity for all of you who are working with, trying to figure out, or simply curious about going digital with your writing life. It’s been a very, very interesting year for me in the world of EPublishing, and I’m not saying it’s been all wonderful and that I am now an eTycoon or an eNicholas Sparks, or whatever, but I’ve learned a lot and been incredibly inspired. As you can see.

Grave Digger Blues, crime ebook, Jesse Sublett, Dick Cheney in drag

Secret backstage scenes after the Republican coup, as chronicled in Grave Digger Blues.

If you have not yet downloaded my latest noir novella, GRAVE DIGGER BLUES, I hope you will give it a shot very soon. You can buy the Kindle version here, or the Blues Deluxe iPad Edition here. And if you’re really cheap, the Smashwords Bare Bones Edition, text only, is here, for $.99.

enhanced ibook, ipad, novel for iPad, Jesse Sublett, noir, pulp fiction, Kindle, crime fiction for Kindle

GRAVE DIGGER BLUES may in fact be too weird for you. Maybe you’d rather listen to Celine Dion and wear elephant plaid to your high school reunion.



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